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THE REPETITION EXERCISE, the foundation of the Meisner Technique.


Sunday nights, 6:00 to 9:00 pm

1 night a week for 4 weeks package, on-going training...


Prerequisite: Meisner Technique Level I. Please see: (Basic Training class for actors)  ( NEXT LEVEL:  Weekly scene work level I )


The Meisner technique was created in New York in the 1930's by actor/teacher Sandford Meisner.

It's work that has evolved from the principals of realistic acting created by Konstantin Stanislavski.


The foundation of this technique rests on the repetition exercise.

In this improvisation exercise, two actors work face to face. As the exercise progresses, the actor observes and comments on physical and/or emotional changes in the other person. The exercise evolves and we start seeing continuous changes in expression, emotion and intensity while the actors have no time think during the work. This develops spontaneous intuition resulting in authenticity. The actor's work is alive! A quality that is essential in the acting profession today. Especially in the film and television industry, including auditions.


"To be an interesting actor, you must be authentic. For you to ever be authentic, you must embrace who you really are. Do you have any idea how liberating it is to not care what people think about you? Well, that's what we're here to do." — Sanford Meisner


IMPORTANT NOTE: Classes are bilingual, actors will be working in the language of their choice, English or French. A basic understanding of French is recommended.


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