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Welcome to the Gilles Plouffe Actors Studio.


You are a beginner, an aspiring actor or a profesionnal working actor? I offer you a complete and continuous professional training program inspired from the great realistic acting studios in New York. 

Your work as an actor is a very personal form of self-expression. The art of acting is both a conscious and intuitive process, you know how to use yourself, on what to focus your concentration and how to be in contact with the imaginary. You also create the imaginary world and make it a visible and visceral experience for yourself and for the audience. It is the art of making the invisible, visible. Finally, passion is essential to your artistic success: it allows you to accomplish the work required to create a full character, with a complete imaginary world.

My work as an actor and teacher is based on John Strasberg's Organic Creative Process, my 20 + years of continuous training with him and my 30 years of experience as a film, television and theater actor. 

Acting is a craft, a profession, even a calling for some and I am thrilled to be teaching it. I invite you to join me and allow me to share my passion with you and support you in your development as an actor or for your personal growth, to live a rich and memorable experience. 

Every artist actor possesses a unique creative work process and we all need to nurture that process for continued growth. I can support you in your work and development. 

My passion is acting and that is the driving force behind my work as an acting coach and teacher.


Gilles Plouffe

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