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(NOTE: Classes are bililngual, English and French, actors work in the language of their choice.)


Ongoing Weekly scene work class taught by Gilles Plouffe and Thomas Sallettaz

1 night a week - 4 weeks a month: 6:00 to 10:00 pm

My teaching method is based in John Strasberg's Organic Creative Process, combined with the foundation elements of the Meisner Technique.  (Age: 16+)


Level I: Monday evenings - Intermediate group

(Prerequisites: My Basic Training class for actors  or an equivalency. Your registration must be pre-approved by Gilles. Please us the "Contact" button to communicate with him before signing-up. ) 


Level II:  Tuesday nights - Advanced group

(Prerequisites: Scene work Level I)


In this weekly class, you will work on further developing your capacity to work spontaneously, organically and intuitively at a more advanced level through scene work and/or monologues.


You will continue to learn to:

- know yourself and how to use yourself in your work- organically analyse and interpret the life circumstances of the script

- become the instrument of your expression through scene work- focus your concentration to create unique and engaging characters

- further develop your knowledge and capacity for realistic acting


You will be working with a full script on more complex and demanding monologues or scenes with an acting partner.


This class is offered every month throughout the year.


Combined with our other classes and our weekend intensive workshops it provides our students with the possibility of continuous professional level weekly training with our work method.


Become the best that you can be!


Reserve and validate your registration at least 15 days before the beginning of the next class. Certain prerequisites apply. NOTE: Pre-approved registration is required for this class. Please contact our office to see if there is a spot available for you


Classes are bilingual, actors will be working in the language of their choice, English or French. A basic understanding of French is recommended.


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