Private Coaching (Open to all ages)

Personalized training! IN PERSON OR ON-LINE WITH SKYPE

Some people and actors choose private coachings to:
- improve their public speaking or personal expression skills

- prepare for an upcoming audition or rôle for film, television or theatre

- perfect your on-camera audition technique to improve general auditioning skills
- practice on a regular basis to improve your acting in general

Options & Rates:


1 coaching with Melanie Elliott :

$70 + taxes per session (1 hour)


1 coaching with Gilles Plouffe or Franceen Brodkin:

$100 + taxes per session (1 hour)  


Package option with Gilles or Franceen:

4 coachings $345 + taxes (4 hours)


Package option with Melanie:

4 coachings $240 + taxes (4 hours)


1 coaching (1h) + 1 self-tape with Melanie:

$105 + taxes (1.5 hours total) (You need to bring your own reader)


1 semi-private coaching (1h20min) with Gilles or Franceen

$75 + taxes (per person, max 2 people)


Semi-private Package option:

4 coachings $250 + taxes (per person, max 2 people, total 5 hours)

To reserve a coaching session please contact our office.



    A realistic acting technique that has evolved from the work of the actors at the famous New York Actor's Studio



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    (located  on the 4th floor in the  Plateau Theatre space)

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