PRIVATE OR SEMI-PRIVATE COACHINGS IN PERSON AT MY STUDIO(Also available on-line via Zoom at - 20% less) Open to all ages Personalized training for beginners to profesionnals: - learn our basic realistic acting technique- Take your scene or monologue to the next level- practice on a regular basis to improve your acting in general- perfect your on-camera acting and auditionning skills- prepare for an upcoming audition or rôle for film, television or theatre- improve your public speaking or personal expression skills Options & Rates: 1 private coaching with Gilles Plouffe: $120 + taxes per session (45 min) Package option with Gilles: 4 private coachings $430 + taxes (3 hours) 1 semi-private coaching (1h) with Gilles $100 + taxes (price per person, 2 people) Semi-private Package option with Gilles: 4 coachings sessions $350 + taxes (price per person, 2 people, total 4 hours) To reserve a coaching session or a spot in an online class please contact our office by email.