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Acting exercises weekend intensive

with Thomas Sallettaz


1 weekend - Saturday & Sunday - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


This intensive workshop is composed of a variety of acting exercises, including those mentionned below, to help the actor focus and concentrate, remove her.his masks, unblock and let go any resistance, overcome the ego and allow oneself to be vulnerable and confident performing in front of an audience. 


"Feeling private in public."


When in an audition or on a film set or on stage, the actor must feel private while allowing the audience to observe her.his work. When the actor feels private, expression becomes much more personal and moving. The audience can feel what the actor feels becoming much more engaged in the artist actors creation and performance. 


There are many fun exercises to help the actor concentrate and achieve a state of privacy; the "Personal private moment" and the "Song & dance" are two of the most powerful and effective exercises, plus a variety of others such as the animal exercise, the mirror exercise and more...


This workshop is also ideal for public speakers.


Join us for a fascinating journey of abandonement and self discovery!


Please  reserve and validate your place at least 15 days before the beginning of the workshop. See schedule & prices in the upper right hand corner of this page...


Classes are bilingual, actors will be working in the language of their choice, English or French. A basic understanding of French is recommended.


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