Weekend intensive with Gilles Plouffe

Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
$275 + taxes (40% discount if you are also registered in one of our weekly classes) (Age: 16+)

Working a monologue is very different than working a scene. There are elements the actor can and needs to learn and work on that you will not learn during scene work. Many actors are intimidated by the performance of a monologue.

In this class you will:
- understand where to focus your concentration during a monologue
- present a moving and engaging monologue performance
- define the life of your character in your monologue
- learn to understand and work with the subtext and context of your piece
- communicate the story through sensory and body language

- make the story and the character speak and behave like a real human being

Learn how to draw the audience into your storytelling during a monologue.

The monologue is one of the most powerful storytelling vehicles.

It’s also one of most fun and enjoyable acting experience!


Your registration to this workshop must be pre-approved by Gilles. Please contact our office to reserve and validate your place at least 15 days before the beginning of the workshop. See class schedule for upcoming dates...


    A realistic acting technique that has evolved from the work of the actors at the famous New York Actor's Studio



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