Personalized private or semi-private classes & coachings with Gilles!

* AVAILABILITY every Wednesday &Thursday between noon and 5:30 PM.


Training for beginners to professional actors.

- Learn our basic realistic acting technique for actors - Take your scene or monologue to the next level - Practise regularly so you maintain and improve you acting skills in general - Perfect your on-camera acting and audition skills in general - Prepare for an audition or an upcoming role in a film, television or theatre - Improve you capacity to speak in public or express yourself.


Contact Gilles by email at to make an appointment before you validate with your payment.


Options are:


One (1) 45-minute private session = $100 + taxes


Package of four (4) 45-minute sessions = $350 + taxes


One (1) 60 minute semi-private team session = $75 + taxes per person (x 2 participants)


Package of four (4) semi-private team sessions = $250 + taxes per person (x 2 participants)


All registrations are done online by credit card. Please use the link at the top of this page. 24 to 48 hours before the first-class day you will receive an email invitation with a Zoom link in it. On the day and time of the class you just click on the link. You will be forwarded to a waiting room for a few minutes until the class starts.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to have access to a private room in your home during the class and a high-speed internet with a stable connexion. You will have some homework to do between classes, between 3 to 6 hours a week.

PRIVATE CLASSES (Private coachings on-line)