DIRECTORS: How to Direct Actors

3 Day Intensive Workshop with GILLES PLOUFFE

(Group reservation of 4-5 participants required - You provide the group)
Friday 6 to 11pm, Sat & Sun 11am to 5pm.
450$ + taxes per person

As a Director you know everything you need to know about your set; lights, camera, picture, sound and editing.

Do YOU know what an actor is and how an actor works?

The actor is a vital instrument in your finished product.

This workshop will help you:
- better understand actors and how they think
- understand how they use themselves when they work
- better direct them to get what you want and need from them
- produce a well-balanced quality finished product

The Director knows how to get the best out of every aspect of the set, including actors!

You will be directing a film scene with 2 different teams of actors while implementing the fundamental elements of "How to direct actors."

I successfully taught this workshop to 35 Ubisoft in-house directors over a 2 year period!