Basic Training for Actors
with Gilles Plouffe, actor, teacher and founder of the studio

6 weeks – 1 night a week – 3.5 hours a night –  Mondays: 6:30 to 10:00 pm

In this class you will begin to study and practice “realistic acting.”

After completing the class you will know how to use yourself to live the life of your character within the imaginary given circumstances of a scene.

In this class, you will learn:
- basic preparation
- to develop your concentration
- to develop your imagination
- to practice and use sense memory exercises

- to create an imaginary world

- scene improvisations with several proven essential acting exercises


The sense memory exercises we will be working on in this class were creating by the father of the realistic school, actor/director/teacher Konstantin Stanislavski. According to him, this is the foundation of all acting!

Then we will also explore several scene improvisation exercises inspired from the work of the world renowned actress/teacher, Uta Hagen. Through these exercises you will learn essential elements used by actors during scene work.


Finally you will create and present a 2-3 minutes monologue inspired from your own life experience. A most rewarding moment!


At the end of this class you will be well prepared to work on scripted scene work using our basic technique and your own personal resources to live out the life of a character within the imaginary circumstances of a scene.


If you'd like to continue your training with us and practice our work method after completing this class, the next logical step would be to join our ongoing weekly scene work classes and our monthly intensive weekend workshops.

This class is open to beginners and experienced actors.

(*16 years and older.)



    A realistic acting technique that has evolved from the work of the actors at the famous New York Actor's Studio



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